M2Lift Vertical Platform Lifts Twin Cities MN


Convenient, easy access is affordable with the Savaria M2Lift vertical platform lift. With a capacity of 750 lbs, the M2Lift easily accommodates a wheelchair or other mobility equipment. A complete solution, M2Lift includes a flush solid gate for the top landing for your safety and code compliance.

Durably built with rust-resistant aluminum components, you can count on this lift to perform and look great for years to come – even in cold and coastal climates.

Ideal for home use as a porch or deck lift, the M2Lift installs quickly and is easy to operate. A reliable chain drive system provides smooth, quiet operation.


The following documents are PDFs that can be downloaded.

Savaria makes every effort to publish accurate information. Specifications and options are subject to change without notice.

M2lift Deck Lift Architectural Drawings and Specs

Architectural drawings are available here in PDF or DWG format

Rugged, rust-resistant construction: ideal for indoor or outdoor use in moderate and coastal climates. Rust-resistant aluminum car walls and floor, with non-skid platform floor and exit ramp. All steel components have yellow zinc/baked enamel powder coat for rust protection.

Easy to install all-in-one solution: includes 42″ high aluminum flush upper landing gate with spring-hinge and weather resistant lock (Savaria WR-500), integrated aluminum fascia panel for a finished look without custom construction, and upper landing bridge for smooth navigation in and out of lift.

Battery operated reliable chain drive technology: smooth, quiet operation and swift 10 feet per minute travel. Battery operated unit charged through a standard electrical outlet so lift can be used during a power failure.

Other standard features: constant-pressure operation, mountable weather-resistant cordless radio frequency call/send stations with keyed access on car and call stations, automatic access ramp.

Finish: Beige powder-coat paint.

Safety features: slack chain safety switch and underpan sensors to stop the lift if an obstruction is detected, emergency stop button and alarm on car.

Warranty: 36 months parts

Available Lifting/Tower Heights:

40″ (tower 79.5″), 60″ (tower 99.5″) and 75″ (tower 114.5″) – all with 750 lb capacity

Applications: Residential, indoors, outdoors

Standard Capacity: 750 lbs (340 kg)             

Shortest Travel Distance: 12″ (30.48 cm)

Maximum Travel Distance: 75″ (190.5 cm)

Platform Size: 37″ x 54″ (interior)

Nominal Speed: 10 ft/min (0.05 m/s)

Car Access/Configuration: straight through enter/exit

Drive/Motor: direct drive gearbox with chain suspension

Power Supply: 24 VDC motor and operating system with 120 VAC battery charging

Complies with ASME A 18.1 part 5 -2017 USA; Canadian residential in regions that do not require CSA B613-00

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