Star Lift LLC can install commercial ramps to meet ADA compliance for public facilities. We make sure that commercial ramps adhere to width, handrail, and landing guidelines for proper usage.

Ramp considerations include:
  • It should be at least a 1:12 slope, if not a 1:15 slope
  • Guardrails and handrails of 1.25-2 inches in diameter
  • It should have a slip resistant surface that prevents water accumulation
  • It should have a flat platform in front of the door
  • It should have flat 4 x 4 landing for each turn in the ramp
  • It should have a smooth transition at the end of the ramp with no more than 1/4″ bump
  • It should be made with durable materials
All of our ramps are durable and affordable, and can be customized to match your home’s style with a variety of options:
  • Material: We offer durable, rust-free aluminum ramps.
  • Texture: Our aluminum ramps come in solid or mesh options.
  • Color: Aluminum ramps can be powder-coated in the color of your choice.

Ramps require minimal modifications to your home – but with your safety on the line, their installation shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself job. That’s where Star Lift LLC comes in. We’re a locally-owned and operated provider of residential ramps and commercial ramps in Minnesota and Wisconsin. At no charge to you, we’ll come to your home, measure your entry or thresholds, and help you choose the best ramp option – one with a safe slope that fits your home and budget, in durable rubber or high-quality aluminum. All of the available options can be professionally installed within a few days.

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Proudly made and installed in the USA.

There are many types of ramps available. Star Lift LLC can provide manufactured ramps for each client’s needs. Contact us for an evaluation to help you determine what type of ramp will best suit the needs of your building.

Call us today to discuss your accessibility needs – we can help!

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