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    Stairlifts in the Twin Cities

    At Star Lift LLC, we are a provider of stairlifts to the Twin Cities and located in North Saint Paul, Minnesota. We concentrate 100 percent of our efforts on supplying quality accessibility products like the Best Stair Lifts and ADA Lifts available today including Acorn, Savaria, AmeriGlide, and Bruno.

    We install the latest in-home elevators and top designs in commercial elevator cab interiors. We work with the DAV to accept stairlift/chair lift/wheelchair lift donations for veterans. We are a Minnesota Department of Human Services HCBS Waiver Services Provider for environmental accessibility adaptations and home modifications. Our company supplies home elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts, and wheelchair ramps for BI, CAC, DD, and CADI Waiver. When you need a wheelchair lift, or other accessibility item installed, you can start a dialogue with us. We’ll be glad to assist you. At Star Lift, we’re dedicated to improving accessibility in communities all across the Midwest.

    We proudly serve the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Twin Cities Metro Area, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Midwest. If you need stairlifts in the Twin Cities or any of our other service areas, let Star Lift be the first name on your mind.

    Lowest prices on the market for New/Used Chair Lifts, Reconditioned Stairlifts & Platform Lifts. To get started! Call or text a pic of your staircase!

    651-758-LIFT or  email us at info@star-lift.com

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    Home Elevator/Residential Elevators             

    Elevators aren’t just for shopping centers, office buildings, and other public buildings. Residential elevators give you mobility in your own home! These small elevators allow you to move between the levels of your home without having to take the stairs and they may also be a tax write-off.

    Curved Stairlift

    At Star Lift LLC, we know just how important mobility is. We believe in creating homes that are safe, maneuverable, and livable. Our curved stairlifts are custom-built to fit a staircase with turns and to go around corners, spirals, or landings. If your stairs turn or have landings, the best solution is to get a curved chair lift for safe and easy mobility between floors.

    Wheelchair Lifts, Platform Lifts, VPL’s, Porch Lifts

    Platform lifts and wheelchair lifts can be categorized in different ways: VPLs (vertical platform lifts), also called “porch lifts,” can be installed indoors or outdoors, and act more like an open elevator. Platform lifts are a safe and easy way to provide mobility to wheelchair and scooter users.

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    Katie Overby
    Katie Overby
    December 9, 2022.
    My Dad is a Veteran and needed a StairLIft. We looked everywhere and found StarLIft online with Veteran benefits and assistance. We are more than happy with the quality of service, kindness and completion of the Acorn Reconditioned Stair Lift. The reduced price and service was excellent, knowledgeable and installation technician was kind.
    Cathy Macdonald
    Cathy Macdonald
    November 28, 2022.
    Tech was super helpful and gave me some good tips on how to maintain my stair chairlift.
    Steve Sonnek
    Steve Sonnek
    November 10, 2022.
    My dad needed a stairlift to help him continue to reside in his split-level home in Northern Minnesota. He had developed important medical issues and he needed help to be able to stay living in his home. StarLift was incredibly responsive and professional in quickly working with my dad and our family. His lift is very nice. It is reliable, quiet, and a great design. Others can easily still use the stairwell too. It is easy to operate and feels very stable and safe. The staff have continued to be very accessible, knowledgeable and professional if we have a question. I give StarLift LLC my highest recommendation!!
    Jaclyn Hagen
    Jaclyn Hagen
    November 8, 2022.
    This company does excellent work, and is tops in customer service.
    rebecca adams
    rebecca adams
    October 28, 2022.
    They were prompt, efficient and friendly. Product was a very nice refurbished unit for a good price. Highly recommend them.
    Erik Stevenson
    Erik Stevenson
    August 18, 2022.
    We had a great experience donating our stair lift to their veterans program. Chad came out through a pouring rain storm to pick it up and took care of everything! Thanks guys.
    Cindy Feickert
    Cindy Feickert
    August 7, 2022.
    You Yang was our installer and he was incredible even helped me move boxes out of the way he went above and beyond to help get us the stairlift in in a timely manner. Sarah and the rest of the team are incredible thank you so much. I would highly recommend this service.
    jennifer schmidt
    jennifer schmidt
    August 2, 2022.
    Highly recommend this company! The service, speed at which they came to install the chair lift, and above all- the price! They are 1/2 the price of any company out there! Plus- friendly and so easy to work with!
    Bruce Bethke
    Bruce Bethke
    July 12, 2022.
    Fast response, knowledgeable and helpful people, great price, and a genuine pleasure to work with. For the past year, ever since disability confined her to a wheelchair, my wife has been feeling increasingly trapped inside our house. StarLift has given her her freedom back. They are a great company and I'd recommend them to anyone.
    Star Lift LLC, we know just how important your mobility is. We believe in transforming your home into a safe, maneuverable, and livable environment. We keep our stairlift costs low and offer used stairlift elevators that blend seamlessly into your home. You can use our stair gliders effortlessly to go up and down the stairs, in the home, you love so much. We offer used/reconditioned stairlifts from Acorn, Bruno, and Stannah. We are the best stairlift company in the Minneapolis-St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota. Call us today!

    DAV Veteran Stairlift Equipment Donation Program

    Service to this country matters above all else which is why we accept stairlift donations and pass those savings directly along to Minnesota Veterans. We provide stairlifts or wheelchair lifts to those who served in the military at no cost other than the cost of installation and state permitting…

    Elderly Waiver (EW)

    This program funds home and community-based services for people age 65 and older who require the level of care provided in a nursing home and choose to live in the community. EW promotes community living and independence with services and supports that address each person’s individual needs and choices. EW offers services that go beyond what is available through Medical Assistance. To see if your eligible, click the button below.

    Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waiver

    This program provides home and community-based services to children and adults with disabilities who require the level of care provided in a nursing facility. These services are an alternative to institutionalization. They help a person live as independently as possible in community settings and promote optimal health, independence, safety, and community integration.

    Lowest New and Used Stairlift and Platform Lift Prices on the Market!

    At Star Lift LLC, we are in the elevator business and are located in the Minneapolis-St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota. We concentrate 100% of our efforts on supplying the best stairlifts and ADA lifts available today including Acorn, Savaria, AmeriGlide, and Bruno.

    Providing Wheelchair Ramps for Minnesota Homes

    Star Lift LLC can install commercial ramps to meet ADA compliance for public facilities. We make sure that commercial ramps adhere to width, handrail, and landing guidelines for proper usage. All of our ramps are durable and affordable and can be customized to match your home’s style with a variety of options.

    Tel-a-Cab Home Elevator

    If you are looking for a space-saving, stylish, and affordable mobility solution for your home, the Savaria Telecab17 is the answer for you. 

    Let Us Help!

    Many medical supply companies will sell you a chair lift. However, if you call us, you will be working with experts in the field who provide and service nothing less than the absolute best stairlift brands available.
    Fully licensed in accordance with the state of Minnesota’s rigorous elevator installation standards—and proudly serving Minneapolis, St Paul, as well as the Greater Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties—we also provide our outstanding stairway chair lift services in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. We go where you need us to be! Contact StarLift LLC for all access lifts or any other type of installation, repair, or removal services.

    We can help you stop worrying and focus on your comfort and safety. Call us today to set up an in-home survey to discuss your specific needs. This is at no cost or obligation to you.

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